• So I was curious... I tried to build a ladder in the multipurpose room that has a bioreactor in it (and a multi purpose room on top.  The ladder started to build inside the reactor... but I can't complete it as the reactor takes the focus... and I can't undo it.  Now the reactor can't be deconstructed either.  And neither can the multi purpose room on top.  And even more interesting... I can't add a hatch to the MP room on top either...   If that wasn't enough... I have a tower of MPR's right next to it with my three story aquarium... It's second floor attaches to the MPR above the reactor... and I can't build hatches to that floor of my aquarium tower either...  

    Anyone ever seen anything like this?

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    • Yes I have this same problem to, I will research to see if theres a command to remove objects without fail, I will get back to this project

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    • Ok I have a solution, put a t corridor on the room that that the ladder goes up to, then place a hatch on the t corridor and go in a get rid of the ladder, i hoped I helped

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    • Appearently creating an account makes an already written post void.

      Ladder in reactor still breaks the game. No construction or deconstruction allowed until it is finished, there is another reactor upstairs, so it seems to be a choice between a stupid long rollback or uninstalling. There are so many limitations for other stuff purely for extra safety, while this lacks the basics.

      Kudos for both developers.

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