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Tools are devices that are either crafted from Basic Materials or Advanced Materials by using the Fabricator or upgraded from other Tools using the Modification Station.

They are carried in the Inventory and can be equipped in the Toolbar.

Most of them consume Energy through batteries. These tools are the FlashlightHabitat BuilderLaser CutterPathfinder ToolPropulsion CannonRepair ToolRepulsion CannonScanner, and Stasis Rifle.

Some Tools can currently only be spawned using Console Commands.

Nearly all Tools have first-use animations. 

Note that the Thermoblade does use a battery in crafting but doesn't require it for Energy.

Tools List

Item SN BZ Description Item ID
Air Bladder.png
Air Bladder
Emergency flotation device. Chemical reaction produces lighter-than-air gas for personal buoyancy. airbladder
Disposable light source, useful for distracting certain predators. flare
Battery-powered, all-environment light source. flashlight
Habitat Builder
Fabricates habitat compartments and appliances from raw materials. builder
Laser Cutter.png
Laser Cutter
Cutting device suitable for penetrating standard titanium doors. lasercutter
LED Light.png
Light Stick
Deployable lighting. ledlight
Dive Reel.png
Pathfinder Tool
Deployed holographic pathfinder discs. Used to map a way back out of caves or hard to navigate spaces. Max 20 discs per path. divereel
Mineral Detector.png
Mineral Detector
Proximity detector used to locate materials, fragments, and other items with identifiable signatures. metaldetector
Propulsion Cannon.png
Propulsion Cannon
Warps gravity to pull and push objects. propulsioncannon
Repair Tool
Multi-purpose repair tool, functional in all environments. welder
Repulsion Cannon.png
Repulsion Cannon
Cut Applies percussive force to entities in range. repulsioncannon
Spectroscope scanner used to acquire technology blueprints and data on living organisms. scanner
Stasis Rifle.png
Stasis Rifle
Cut Freezes physical objects in place. stasisrifle
Survival Knife.png
Survival Knife
Standard survival tool. Multi-functional. knife
1x1 default bg.png
Tether Tool Icon.png
Tether Tool
Teleport to a nearby teleportation seatruck module. teleportationtool
Cooks and sterilizes small organisms for immediate consumption. heatblade
1x2 default bg.png
Thumper Icon.png
Makes thumping noises to confuse ice worms. thumper