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The Tornado Plates is an aquatic flora species found in the Tree Spires and near the border with the Thermal Spires.


The Tornado Plates appears as in the shape of a Tornado, as the name indicates. strands spiral up the side around the stem, bending over slightly to the left, which widens out at the top into a larger base. Sitting atop this base is a large flower-like structure.

Below the spiral appears to be a net-like structure, likely acting as the main structure of the plant. The spiral strands appear to be held in place by this structure.

Databank Entry

Tornado Plates
Tornado Plates Ency.png

Tornado Plates are an underwater mushroom with an inner cage surrounded by a swirling chitin structure.

The mushroom’s wildly unusual morphology is not currently understood.

Source: Scan Tornado Plates