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The Toy Car is an item created by the malfunctioning Fabricator found in Lifepod 7 in the Crag Field, along with An Unusual Doll, two Gray Caps, an Electron Microscope, a Cylindrical Sample Flask, a pen and pen pot, two cups, and a container.

As the name implies, it is a miniature representation of a car. The model itself is heavily based on the Chevrolet Corvette [C7], mainly the Corvette Z06, a performance version of the C7 Corvette introduced in 2015. The body proportions of the model appears slightly altered with the rear being upwards, then the rest of the proportions to the front were sloped down, somewhat resembling to a dragster. Interestingly, on the front of the car, there's a logo that bears a resemblance to the Corvette trademark wing logo.



  • The debugspawn for the Toy Car does not give the actual item but a placeholder item, making the Toy Car unobtainable through console commands.
  • Its resemblance to the C7 Corvette could be a reference to some real-life brands of die-cast toy cars (such as Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Greenlight Collectibles, Tomica, Maisto, etc) on licensing actual cars by actual automakers to recreate its miniature counterparts. There's even some uncommon die-cast brands unlike the aforementioned ones may simply model and based the actual cars without licensing to cut cost on recreating its miniature counterparts.
  • According to a Reddit post by Obraxis, the Toy Car was added when the developers were trying to contact a streamer who loved cars.