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A Trans-System Government, or Trans-Gov, is an independent governmental authority in the Subnautica universe. Trans-Govs are entities that own territory but do not fall under the qualifications of a country or nation.


According to the Charter, a Trans-Gov is "an independent authority in de facto control of at least one solar system and phasegate". Note that in this definition a phasegate is defined as "any permanent installation which enables warping of spacefaring vessels between solar systems".[1] Most, but not all, Trans-Govs can trace their origins back to Earth.[2]


Known Trans-Govs operate under a board of directors or a number of clan-corps.[3][4] Their population is made up of citizens. Trans-Govs are forced to follow the terms of the Charter by an enforcing military police called the Trans-System Federation (TSF), which is independent of but funded by all Trans-Govs.[1] Trans-Govs are a large state containing many smaller enterprises under them.[2]


All Trans-Govs are subject to a number of rights. To summarize the rights defined in the Charter[1]:

  1. All Trans-Govs are subject to the same, equal rights.
  2. The right to own phasegates and planetary infrastructure.
  3. The right to self govern, with exception.

Trans-Govs are also subject to a number of obligations and restrictions, also outlined in the Charter[1]:

  1. Share phasegate access with other Trans-Govs on fair terms at no cost to themselves.
  2. Financially maintain and comply with the TSF.
  3. May not develop weapons and technologies outlawed by "Appendix 91".
  4. May not engage in population abuse.

Known Trans-Govs

Alterra Corporation

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Main article: Alterra Corporation

Alterra Corporation is one of the largest Trans-Govs in the known universe. They are one of the main suppliers of starship technologies and consumer electronics, and one of the official suppliers of the TSF. They originated as a defense manufacturer in the early 22nd century, and their motto is "Get what you deserve".[2]

Mongolian Independent States

The Mongolian Independent States are one of the smaller, but fastest-expanding Trans-Govs. They originated from independent states that split off from the China Territories shortly after the Expansion. Their authority branches from many clan-corps, each of which maintain a certain amount of power in the Trans-Gov. Religious beliefs are commonly held in the Mongolian culture, something which Alterran citizens seem to look down on them for.[4] A stigma towards synthetic food is also said to be commonplace amongst this culture.[5]

Avery Quinn's Trans-Gov

This trans-gov is never mentioned by name, but according to Avery Quinn, who is a member of this trans-gov, it is relatively small and based on the far side of the Andromeda Galaxy. It is unknown if this trans-gov manufactures starships of their own as the Sunbeam that Avery Quinn was piloting is of Alterra design.

Also said by Avery to be a common saying in this trans-gov is "There's no bad without the good, no good without the bad".

Sol Trans-Gov

Not much is known about the Sol Trans-gov, however it is stated by the PDA that the starship Mercury II was apart of this trans-gov.


There are at least 8 other unknown Trans-Govs in the Subnautica universe.[6]


Mercury II