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The Tree Leech is a small species of flora found growing on the side of Tree Mushrooms or on the walls of the Mushroom Forest Caves and the Mountains Caves.


The Tree Leech is a small, pink and blue circular plant having a hole in the center surrounded by jagged tooth-like structures.

It emits a dim pink bioluminescent glow.

Contrary to the information in the PDA, the Tree Leech does not interact with fauna around it, and even though it is described as "exploitable", it cannot be used for anything.

Data Bank Entry

Tree Leech.jpg

Parasitic, fungus-like growth found attached to other lifeforms. An enzyme is released by the organism which dissolves a hole in the skin of the host, from which it leeches nutrients directly.

Outer, tooth-lined jaw serves no identified purpose. May be used during a different stage of the organism's lifecycle.

Assessment: Exploitable fungal enzymes



  • The Tree Leech was originally called the Barnacle Sucker.
  • Official artworks released by the developers hinted at Tree Leeches becoming potential hazards in future updates. Unfortunately, the possibility of this happening is low as Subnautica already released 1.0 in early 2018.
  • Earlier versions of Subnautica featured an unimplemented giant crab-like fauna called the Sandworm, that launched surprise attacks on the player from a burrow that greatly resembled a large Tree Leech. It's possible at one point this was the additional stage of lifecycle hinted at in the PDA, and their reason for being listed as a hazard. However, the Sandworm has since been removed.