The Tree Leech is a small species of flora found growing on the side of Tree Mushrooms or on the walls of the Mushroom Forest Caves and the Mountains Caves.


The Tree Leech is a small, circular plant having a hole in the center surrounded by jagged tooth-like structures.

It is capable of emitting dull pink bioluminescent glows.

Data Bank Entry

Tree Leech.jpg

Parasitic, fungus-like growth found attached to other lifeforms. An enzyme is released by the organism which dissolves a hole in the skin of the host, from which it leeches nutrients directly.

Outer, tooth-lined jaw serves no identified purpose. May be used during a different stage of the organism's lifecycle.

Assessment: Exploitable fungal enzymes



  • The Tree Leech was originally called the Barnacle Sucker.
  • Official artworks released by the developers have listed Tree Leeches as potential hazards in the future updates.
  • Earlier versions of Subnautica featured an unimplemented giant crab-like fauna called the Sandworm, that launched surprise attacks on the player from a burrow that greatly resembled a large Tree Leech. It's possible at one point this was the additional stage of lifecycle hinted at in the PDA, and their reason for being listed as a hazard. However,the Sandworm has since been removed.
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