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This article is about the Tree Spire geological feature. You may be looking for the Biome of the same name.

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The nearby spires are substantial thermal vent structures, hospitable to coral formation.


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The Tree Spire is a heat-emitting structure found commonly in the Tree Spires and near the border of the Thermal Spires.


The Tree Spire has many branches that stem from a single thick trunk. Each branch has a hole on top that emits a black smog-like substance similar to that emitted by Hydrothermal Spires. The Tree Spire is also covered in Coral that may be feeding off of nutrients emitted by the Tree Spire.

A remarkably large Tree Spire can be found in the center of the Tree Spires biome, being far larger than other Tree Spires

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Tree spire
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As hot gas pushed upwards through the planet’s crust over thousands of years, the densely packed magnesium-aluminum-rich rock branched and split, resulting in these striking tree-like vent structures.

The ecosystem that emerged in and around these vents is driven largely by the presence of chemosynthetic lifeforms, which ultimately attracted the vibrant thermophilic coral seen lining the spire branches.

Source: Scan Tree Spires