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This article is about the Triops. You may be looking for the Trivalve.

The Triops is a small, edible fauna species.


The Triops has a pale blue cone-shaped body, with the point at the posterior end. The skin has a scaly texture and appears to be attached to the body as thick plates with sutures between.

The front of the body is occupied by three large eyes, two lower eyes and one upper eye. The three eyes all face slightly different angles and are odd in their design. The surface of the eye that bares the pupil, iris and sclera is flat, whilst the cornea is a large transparent hemispheric structure.

There are three roughly triangular fins with yellow accents situated at 120 degree intervals around the body. On the bottom of the body is a very flattened beak-like structure that is shiny black in colour.

Databank Entry

Triops Ency.png

An effective bottom-feeder with unusual trioptical vision.

- Mouth parts on the underside hoover up and crunch down on small invertebrates on the sea floor
- Spending much of its time hiding from predators above it is camouflaged to blend in with the surrounding terrain when necessary

Forward-facing eyes are unusual in prey creatures, not least three of them. Each eye however is angled slightly outwards, which gives the triops a field of view of almost 240 degrees. Careful use of this powerful faculty is likely what has kept the triops alive to date.

Assessment: Edible

Source: Scan Triops


Despite being named after a group of real crustaceans of the same name, the Triops has no similarities to these creatures at all aside from the number of eyes, which is where the name comes from.




  • Concept art shows that the Triops was originally meant to have similar behavior to the Sea Monkey in that it would be able to take items from the players hand or surroundings.