aka Justin S.

  • I live in California, United States
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is School. Also modding. I much enjoy the latter.
  • I am Male. Nothing special tacked on.

"Kill, fight, die,
That's what a soldier should do!
Top of the game,
Earning their name,
They were the Devil dogs!
In a war machine,
They were the USA marines!"

- "Devil Dogs" by Sabaton.

Top Games

  • Subnautica
  • Half Life
  • Starbound (Check out my mods if you own the game!)
  • Five Nights At Freddy's
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine (Chapters One and Two are best the rest suck don't @ me)
  • Fallout (New Vegas, Four)
  • Gmod

Top Bands


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