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aka The awesomer 3

  • I live in On the Altera outpost on the pacific
  • My occupation is Chief press manger of Altera
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Hi i'm Awesomer Chief Press Manager of Alterra Corporation and i would love to answer any questions! Down below are things that may cool be for you to see. I'm trying to improve this wiki everyday and i hope you can too.

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My favorite pages

Subnautica art

I like to draw, colour or what ever has something to do with art. Below are drawings that i have done so you can see. (BTW i still trying to upload the photos so just wait)

Cuddlefish analysis

My cuddlefish Peeps analysis

Cyclops unveiling

"Presenting a one-pilot sub for exploration"

Altera leading engineer

Mesmer warning

Coming soon

Movie script  SPOLIER

Scene 1 

We appear in a control room with 2 workers 

Altera worker 1: Vesper preparing to launch 

The worker engages the final scan as we go to the launch site  

Altera executive: “Altera launches the vesper” That’s more famous then the shot down of the aurora 

The second worker heads the intercom. 


The final people are heading on board 

Altera worker 2: Clearing launch site 

Everybody scrambles to the exits as the final scan is finished and the hatch closes. We go to the cockpit.   

Pilot: Entering coordinates  

The pilot taps a keyboard entering the coordinates 

Altera worker 1: Vesper clear for launch 

The gates shut and the door opens. We head to the cockpit again as the pilot puts his hands on his controls. 

Altera worker 1: 5,4 

We cut to an observer platform where the altera executive and altera personal stand anxiously 

Altera worker 1: 3,2 

We go inside the crew hold where they are buckling up for travel 

Altera  worker 1: 1, Lift off 

The pilot pulls up and out of the hanger  

The executive heads from the viewing platform to the control room as worker 2 garbs a microphone 

Altera worker 2: Vesper come in. 


Altera executive: Try again 

Altera worker 2: Vesper do you copy? 

Static then 

Pilot: We here you ground control 

Everyone jump and yell in excitement 

We then head to the cockpit 

Pilot: Where engaging the ion drive we won’t be able to contact you until we reach the phase gate so hang tight. 

We get a view of the vessel just as it engages the ion drive 

We cut to black 

There's the first part of the script. I will give updates on my profile and blog but thats it!

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