I like Subnautica. I am a small YouTuber. My Channel is called Nunya Biznuz. I also am a Reaper named Sammy, who looks out for survivors on 4546B. I give helpful tips or I make them pay the price. It's either destroying their vehicles or having them pay a $25 fine.

If anyone needs a helpful tip on anything, let me know! I will help anyone who doesn't have a grudge against my kind or has a grudge against the evil Sea Dragons.

I recently was promoted by Alterra to help them explore the Crater on 4546B. Whenever Becky goes on a sandwich run, I'm always in.

Recently, when the Aurora landed on my home, my son, Samuel, was trapped. After about 3 weeks, a man named Rinject found him and rescued him. We are now reunited.

Also, this was none of your business.

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