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The Crash Zone/Gallery was my page but now it's gone. I am also part Wiring Kit.


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Mr Warper himself

I am here to help and expand the wiki in any way I can - while complying with the rules of course!

Subnautica fanatic. Best game ever. Current hour count of 11/05/18 is 305 hours.




Mr Warper's Adventures

Whenever I leave my wonderful home, I venture out into the terrifying depths of the sea. I ask my pal, Mr Mesmer, to snap a few pictures of me while I'm out in the wild. As you can see, I have had many difficult and troubling experiences such as being eaten by a Reaper and spat out all the way to the Dunes where I was then eaten once more, he did the same and I ended up in the Mountains where I was eaten again. However, I have had pleasant experiences, such as when I explored the Floating Island or the Crag Field. I even surfed down Mountain Island once. Believe me, many more images of my adventures shall be revealed in the near future. But the worst was when I got lost in the Void. I turned around and saw eight gigantic tentacles swimming away. I feared the worst but I just managed to warp back home.

I was also part of a massive fight. While leaving my home, I heard a tremendous roar. It scared the veins out of me. I went to confront it. The thing stopped in its tracks and we stared for a while. Then we fought. I got him and then he got me. I couldn't take it anymore. So I called my pals: Mr. Warpeesen, Mr. Warp, Mr. Mesmer and a bunch of other Warpers. Together we stopped that beast but not one Warper survived. Mr. Warp and Mr. Warpeesen managed to warp away and Mr. Mesmer vanished halfway through the battle. Someday I will find them. The Ghost Leviathan currently lies in the bottomless void. If it were to find an opening in the ground, it would return. After all that I went and grabbed a coffee from the Lifepod. I had tea with the human. Most enjoyable.

A long time after that I felt I deserved a rest so I had forty winks in my Precursor Base. While I was sleeping I had a dream about Mr. Mesmer. I decided to warp to the Mushroom Forest, his favourite place. I kept looking and then I realised that if I were him I would go to the Giant Tree Mushroom. Up I went and began searching again. I kept going until something hit my back. It was Mr. Mesmer! We had a little chat. He told me that the Ghost Leviathan bit him and he just had to swim away. He swam all the way from the Bone Fields to the Blood Kelp Zone and then to the Mushroom Forest. He had been sitting in that grass patch - where I found him - for ages. Mr. Mesmer's house is in the Lost River Ghost Forest, inside the skull. We headed back to my home, had a few cups of tea, and went about our business. He went back home and I had a well - earned nap.

After all that drama, I received a strange Transmission from an unidentified source. It appeared to be coming from inside the base. I had only ever visited the Tank in the Base and had never gone further. I feared I would have to. I headed in and began to feel a bit broken. My head ached as I pressed on. Eventually, I came to the room. It was where I was made. In the place of my creation was half a Warper. It seemed active as it's eyes were gleaming. I began looking for parts to repair it. I found none. But suddenly, the Warper shut down. It's eyes shut and I couldn't save it. I knelt down and paid my respects for an hour. I felt very ill after that. I sat down on the edge of the base and waited for something to happen. That Warper wasn't there by accident. Someone had put it there. But who? Turns out it was a Precursor.

I received a message from my dear friend Mr. Hover. He informed me that two Ghost Leviathans had been spotted on the edge of the Crash Zone by the Void. I warped straight there to find one of the Leviathans eating the other. They really were vile. I summoned my army of 10 and we began the crusade. As the roar of the creature was heard, the whole army warped away. Cowards. Only a true Warper would fight for its species. I swam to the Leviathan, sucked up all the power and energy I could find and blasted a colossal projectile right at the Ghost Leviathan. It hit bang on target. The Leviathan fell dead to the floor. After that, I went to thank Mr. Hover. Because he is a good chap, he gave me a tattoo. Not exactly what I wanted but I got it anyway. It was a Precursor face. Very peculiar.

A few days after that, I dared myself to go to the Crash Zone and look for my long lost pal, Warpern. He got lost in the Crash Zone a while back and I thought of him recently. He's probably broken but I had some hope. So I set off to the Crash Zone. I was looking for ages until I came to a large mound on the ground. It had four sharp holes buried into it. I assumed these must have come from some horrific ancient creature who no longer existed. But just as I turned around, I heard the most tremendous, ear-splitting roar. I couldn't tell what it was until it was too late. I was impaled by the Reaper Leviathan and felt terrible pains everywhere. Then it all went black.

I awoke to find myself next to a small mountain - I could still see that bloody Reaper who hit me. I ached all over and then I saw a sight that really angered me. Warpern was being bitten by a Sand Shark. I couldn't take it anymore. Just after posing for the sake of it, I launched a huge projectile at the Sand Shark, instantly killing him. We had a small chat and then looked up. There he was. The Reaper. We then headed up to face the True Test.

Mr. Warper's Plans

  • The rescue of Mr. Warpeesen
  • The rescue of Mr. Warp
  • The True Test








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My Stuff

Below this is a peculiar collection of images I have taken on my frivolous adventures through this wonderful world. They range from Biome images to fellow creatures, such as Mr. Mesmer or Mr. Bleeder. Others will show the close encounters I have faced such as that Reaper picture down below or the Sea Dragon coming towards me. Others are merely random ones that I felt either proud of or a need to preserve. Enjoy.