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Hello there, Im Jamintheinfinite (aka Terranhawk) You can call me Terran or Jamin for short. As you can probably tell by my orange name and orange links on this profile and the white text on the top of the page. I'm one of the discussions and content moderators for both this wikia and Below Zero. If you need me, leave a message on my wall. Expect a delayed response if you leave a message before 2:20pm EST

I'm some random guy who likes plying multiple types of videogames. From new recent games like Hat in Time or Subnautica to much older games like FF7 or Earthbound. In general I'm very open. My favorite games would be platforms and RPGs. Don't expect good grammar from me, I have disgrahpia. 

If you are wondering about the evolution chart, go to my blogs, 

Link to my profile for the Subnatuica Below Zero Wikia: Click here!

Rest in peace Timed Events and Ecosystem Events pages.

The Old Sunbeam Message for nerds

I don't believe it, there's someone down there! Aurora survivor, we have your PDA signature! I don't know how you walked away from that wreck, let alone survived since then, but we'll be happy to bring you onboard and hightail back to federation space. Stand back, we're approaching the landing site now. Breaking atmosphere in 5... 4... 3...- What is that? No the Red spike. From the planet?!


While I'm not good at art. I have in the past made some fan art.

Quotes and stuff:


Andrew couch


Cory Luvs You All


Simon quote2




Vee quote


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