aka JoHipo

  • I live in The ruins of the Vesper
  • I was born on August 30
  • My occupation is helping cuddlefish like Miscergoo,Franklin,and Celeste(and Miscergoo's cousin baby Jabeth)
  • I am A cuddlefish
Surface foilage 4

My Home

  • This Theif
  • This strange Rabitray
  • My Friend
  • My friend's mobilehome
  • My Friend with his cousins
  • Another of my friends (With his cousins)
  • Jay
  • Chixili
  • This ugly Holefish
  • My Current Avatar!|
  • Beware this beast
  • Hot enough for you?
  • My Friend Saying hi
  • What it feels like chewing 10 peices of Gum
  • These strange Stalkers
  • Cuddlefish lincoln everyday
  • Beware
  • Where Pinnicards live
  • The first Peeper Leviathan
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