Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

I have a YouTube channel

I am a male space agent of Altera working in more of the governmental department, my main focus is the builds of new space ports and was the main overseer of the Aurora space launch. Now don’t get mad at me that the ship crashed and tons of people died, I was just the guy who said go ahead not the engineers.

Besides being the owner of one space port I’m also a scientist and I was chosen to work on that precursor tech, and I have only figured out some stuff, I would need a visit to sector zero to help with my research, because of the large amount of precursor tech I was told about from some broadcasts, but the flight won’t come until the second week of may on a Friday!

when I heard this I was majorly disappointed, until I over heard that the entire crew disappeared out of nowhere, but that only heightened my curiosity!

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