"PEEP!" Tim managed to squeak out but it was too late. Peep was already blasting through the water to be the hero and save the young Reefback.

"Hey you smelly Sandsharks! Leave him alone!" Peep chirped out and the Sandsharks looked at him with a snorty snare.

"You think you can just come out of no where like some hero little fish? Yeah well that don't work that way. You came on our terf and now you gonna feel what it's life to be ripped apart!" snorted one of the Sandsharks who swam after Peep as fast as it could.

Peep quickly moved out of the way and the Sandshark smashed into the rock, only to swim back and the vent blasting heat that sent the Sandshark flying. The other Sandsharks let out their tiger like growl and quickly swam off. Peep let out a sigh of relief and swam by the young Reefback.

"You okay? You could have been seriously hurt!" Peep chirped. The only response he got back was a soft coo in understanding and stared to swim away. It seemed lost but swam anyways.

"Peep!" Billy called out as he swam up to him and slapped his tail as hard as he could into Peep."Are you a idiot?! You could have been hurt- or worse!" He let out a sad chirp.

Peep let out a pained chirp and curled in on himsef a bit."That hurt Billy. I was just trying to help- and I did!" He chirped happily and looked at the Reefback." I saved him!".

Tim swam up and looked at them "Y-yeah, be thankful he's okay Billy." He flicked his little tail in the water.

Billy looked at Peep with a small huff." Don't ever do that again." He swam off after the Reefback.

Peep let out a sad chirp at Billy then Tim nudged him." Don't worry Peep. He still is your friend. He was just worried." Tim said. Peep let out a happy chirp and swam off with them and the young Reefback.

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