Day 1

Hello I am... well I don't have a name. I was born in a weird cave with a huge tree in the center and blue coloured gas at the bottom. I saw these wierd ray looking things swimming around me. I had this urge to eat the other eggs. I....I couldnt control this urge. I ate the eggs that were placed at the huge tree. Then I left that place and went out into the world, in hopes of finding my parents. But... when i came across a creature that looked exactly like me he started screaming and attacking me. I didnt know what to do. I.... I killed him. I found this huge skeleton in this place where there were green gases on the sea floor. I kept feeding and feeding until i felt another urge. I realized i wouldnt be able to swim around in these skeleton filled tunnels so swam out and i saw a light at the top. I was curious and went to the surface. Only to have my eyes nearly blinded by this huge ball of light, above the surface of the water. So i swam straight down and tried to look for a darker place. I didnt know where my parents were and where i was. So i kept swimming until i reached this huge dip in the sea floor. But something told me that this place was not mean for me. So i went back where i came from. I found thes plant like things with red things oozing out of them. I found other aggresive creatures here. They electrocuted me over and over. Out of anger i let out a shrill scream, but they still kept on attacking me. SO i killed one. To let them know whose boss. I kept on having this urge to feed and grow. I was pretty small at the time. But i couldnt eat these creatures. The only thing i could eat was these things. I dont know what they are called but they kept me alive. SUddenly i heard this huge booooom and caused my ears to ring. I dont know why I was born into this world. I have no one to love me, no one to care for me. Looks like I am all alone out here.

Day 2

I just woke up from my sleep and ate my breakfast. I felt a little different. I looked at my self and realized i was way bigger now. I tried to kill those fish that electrocute me and tried to swallow one. I could easily swallow it. But there was this one thing that never changed. This urge to go into that huge dip in the sea floor that i found yesterday. But i am trying to resist it. I will let you in on a secret i Have this hunger inside me. I just cant satisfy it. I went to the place called beyond the crater and.... well i found my family. But they tried to kill me. They rammed at me and ripped of my dorsal fins. And I had to make it worse by refusing to leave. DO you know what they did to me...They ripped off one of my horns. They told me I was weak and puny. That i wouldnt belong. So i left. I truly am alone.

Day 3

The pain from having one horn ripped off was still there. I couldnt help but wonder... how could my own family hate me. I wish i wasn't such a faliure. I couldnt even swim properly now. MY left dorsal fins were completely ripped off. My stomach was still throbbing with hunger. There was nothing here...nothing but the dead bodies of the creatures that lived here. There was one thing here. A little purple fish. It had tentacles but didnt look like the other creatures that USED to live here. Every time i try and chase it off it just disappears into a swirling vortex. They didnt seem to be interested in me. In fact after a few days they stopped comming here. I was starving and i had eaten the last of the dead bodies that i had killed. I needed to go somewhere else. Definitely not beyond the crater. If i were to go there one more time i would be ripped to shreds and eaten alive. So i followed the light of the setting sun. I was getting incredibly hungry but I didnt want to harm any thing else. THAT didnt last very long. My hunger got the best of me and i tried to attack this blue coloured creature. It had these plants growing out of its back and had yellow coloured things attacked to its underside. I attacked a little one and well it seemed like these things were made of rocks so i kept going. The throbbing pain kept on increasing and i couldnt stand it anymore. I found another creature that looked like me. It was just swimming around these blue coloured spheres which seemed to be anchored down to the sea floor. I had already eaten the eggs and two others of my kind. *wincing with pain* I didnt have any choice. I went and rammed him straight in this belly. He immediately turned around and rammed me in my face. He had both his horns intact... I immediattely went into the depths and rammed him from the bottom. He started bleeding and screaming. I just saw him as he started to succumb to his wounds. He cryed for me to help him but something told me i shouldnt. Eventually he died from his wounds and well i ate whatever i could. The pain immediately began to slow but it didnt go away completely. I felt something inside my. It was as if i should have helped him instead of killing him and eating him. But i didnt care.. this place had a lot of creatures and looked like I could live here. I finally knew what to do with this life. I decided that i would kill the rest of my family.... every last one...until i would be the last one.YEESSSS! i WILL MAKE THEM REGRET WHAT THEY DID TO ME.

Day 4

This is the day...the day i will finally make my parents beg for mercy... not that i would let them live even if they did. I went over to the place called the void and waited for any signs of my species to show up. It was longer than i had expected but i finally started to hear screams. But i couldnt see them. I increased the glow of my bioluminescence to see where they were. I was so surprised at what i saw. There were hundreds of them. THis place isnt just a place where my family lives this is my ancestral home. They were all circling me and observing me. One of them came up to me and told me that i was ready to join them. I was surprised how they had changed their attitudes. I was now thinking whether to join them or kill them. After the harm they cause me i should have probably killed them but.. They told me i was ready to join them. Maybe this dark thought that my family hates me will go away... Just as i was about to say yes, my hunger suddenly came in. But this was more than just hunger this time it was full of anger... I wasnt hungry i was completely angry. I suddenly lost control over my own body and all i could do was watch. I rammed the one which had asked me to join , straight in this face. Then all of them suddenly started attacking me. The pain... It was definitely not worse than my anger so i could easily overpower it. Not knowing what to do i started struggling and thrashing my head against the bodies of my kind . All i could see was blood . I ripped, rammed and thrashed against them. I didnt care how many there were...I dont even know if this was the real me. I couldnt stop from killing them. By the time the sun came up i had killed all but one. This was my father...I rammed him straight in his stomach.... in his face. He begged to let him go. I said one thing and one thing only..."I'm sorry" and dealt the final blow. I had killed all of my kind. Or so i thought. I recently made contact with a ghost called Gerald. But I didnt want to kill him. He seemed the complete opposite of my family. Of course i didnt go close to him..i didnt want anything to do with him... I also got information that he is an alpha species of ghosts so I completely respect him.

Now... my species has a tendency to grow fast. We can be medium sized at just four days. I will not be narrating all 14 years of my life. Just these four days because these were the days that i was most angry, and unstable. But i didnt want to kill my family. I went back to my where i was born. The huge cove tree. I saw one egg and just one. This was a ghost leviathan egg. Someone must have placed it before i killed them. I decided to make sure that this egg would know a world full of calmness and peace. I didnt want this ghost leviathan to become like me and my family. So i took the egg away from the cove tree and made a nest for it. I took care of it very gently. The anger in me had completely vanished. I felt hungry but..this was like a normal type of hunger. For once i felt at peace with myself. I will make sure that the ghost leviathan species will know calm and not hunger and blood.

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