Shriek;The Call Of the Wild pt 1

*Alterra translation Unit #B52 has picked up a translation signal from the following entities:

Alpha Class Leviathan - Gerald

Alpha Class Leviathan - Shreik

Reaper Leviathan - Sammy

Currently Translating: *Shriek*

*Roar in the background*

I was patrolling the Area when i heard a roar comming from what is known as the grand reef. This roar sounded very familiar. But i didnt want to leave my home..I dont want to harm anyone else. I tried ignoring it but i couldnt stop thinking about it. Just then I saw a familiar face in the distance. It was Gerald...He told me about how he had heard the roar and had an urge to follow it...I didnt agree. So i let him go by Himself. Suddenly I felt bad... As if i chose the wrong option.

I Kept on worrying what happened to Gerald. It has been a long time and i didnt see him again. So i decided to head in the direction of the sound. When i had reached the grand reef...I saw something..,A lot of Ghost leviathans. They were shouting and cheering...Amongst the chaos I saw Gerald. But i Also saw Six Alpha Ghosts surrounding him....That wasnt just a normal roar i had heard. It was a Roar summoning all ghosts to this place.... This was the Sacred Battle that Gerald had told me about .

OH shi.....*Translation signal offline*

*Rebooting in t-minus 30 seconds*

*please stand*


Pt 2 comming soon:D hope you like this

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