OK so we all know subnautica. We LOVE it. The story, the tools, vehicles, etc. BUT how do these all work?

I myself Awesomer the 3rd have a TON of science knoledge and i can awnser these questions FOR YOU

just wright down your questions and i will think about them 

if YOU have a anwser please share


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Pre-answered questions

ALL fabercation tools use a heating unit heat up and shape metal and other matierals. Take the fabercator for ex. You see if melt and cool metals and materials.

The reason the Neptune goes fast when ion power is on is because the it makes HUGE power and boosts the thrusters SO much

you travel i would say... maybe HALF the SPEED of LIGHT.

The purposion cannon works like the grab trap. It uses a gravity making unit and grabs an object when aimed at an object. The repulsion cannon works the same but when realesed all potential gravity force is realesed into kentic energy which pushes the object forward.

Thats all for now.