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[In a submarine]

*Madison wakes up*

Madison: oh...where am I?


Guard 1: Your on our submarine now shut it or i’ll feed you to your friend over there!

Madison; *shakes head and looks at Shriek*

What are you doing to him?

“The Agents have electrocuting rods which they are torturing Shriek with”

Madison; What are you doing to him??

Guard 1: Nothing if you tell us everything about Alterra. Their plans and their people. And especially Michael and Stephen!

Madison: Why would I do that?! And Why is Stephen so important to you, he did nothing to you!

Guard 1: That’s information you don’t need to know. You are the person who is going to give information, not get it!

Madison: Too bad for you! I am not telling you anything!!

Guard 1: AGENTS!! Start torturing Shriek!

Agents: *poke Shriek with the rods*

HAHA, Feel the pain animal!

Shriek: *roars and struggles*

Madison: *turns on the portable translators*

Shriek: STOP……...PLEASE……….

*rams head on one side of the container*

Madison: STOP THIS AT ONCE!! Why are you torturing him?!

Guard 1: Because you are not telling us what we want!

Madison: FINE! Just let Shriek go….

Guard 1: *waves the stop signal with his hand*

Madison: I said let him free….into the ocean…

Guard 1: Sorry, our scientist need him…

Madison: FOR WHAT?!

Guard 1: You will see soon!

[back at the Lava Castle]

Stephen: *falls to his knees and punches the floor*

They took her!...and its all my fault!

Michael: And they will be gone if we don’t get away from this base. When we are on the surface, you can blame yourself!

Johnny: Stephen, Come on! We should leave…..We can still save her!

Stephen: *wipes tears and gets up and walks towards the moonpool*

Johnny: Micheal, lets go!

“The team runs towards the moonpool in which the Seamoth was docked. But they realized that their seamoth was damaged”

Johnny: WE can swim for it! But Only me and Micheal have the heat suit….

Stephen: *grabs a normal diving suit from a hanger*

This’ll do...I hope you didnt park it far from here, Micheal?

Michael: The cyclops is around 60m above us...

Stephen: You guys go...I’ll be right behind you…

Michael: Does everybody have enough oxygen?

Stephen: I can hold my brea….

*another part of the base exploded and this time it was closer*

Johnny; NO TIME!! GO GO GO!!

“The three people dive and swim for their lives towards the Cyclops which was parked farther than Micheal said it was….Micheal and Johnny both were unaffected by the heat but Stephen was struggling as he did not have a Heat Suit and was swimming with a suit only built for normal temperatures”

Stephen: *tries to hold his breath*

*through the coms*



*Stephen gets too exhausted stops swimming and stays there*

Michael: Johnny, prepare the cyclops! I will help Stephen!

Johnny: It’s too far to carry someone!

Michael: Then dive with the cyclops! Trust me! He can hold it!

Stephen: *grunts in pain as parts of the suit are burning off and revealing skin to the surrounding temperatures*


Michael: *Swims to stephen and drags him to the cyclops*

“ As Micheal dragged Stephen to the Cyclops, the Lava castle was almost completely destroyed, along with any information it had about kaliber. But the three people got into the cyclops and Johnny surfaced the Cyclops as fast as he can next to the floating islands”

Stephen: *regains consciousness and stands up*

OUCH! That hurt! Lets never do that again!

*takes off the suit and everyone sees the Burns on his skin*

Michael: Hm…

Johnny: Oh no! Um guys? The Cyclops engine is damaged… and we no longer have powercells….guess we are stranded here….

Stephen: *tries to walk*

NO! We must save Shriek and Madison!! Right now!

Michael: NO! You need to rest. You have to recover. I promise we will get them but not now!

Stephen: I’m fine… we need to save the-

*falls down and screams in pain*

*Stephen holds his left arm which was severely burnt*

Michael: Johnny, bring him to the base! I will take a look at the cyclops! Again.

Johnny: LEAVE THE CYCLOPS!! Look at my brother… Something is very wrong with him!

*points to stephen who is squirming on the ground*

Stephen: *tries to get up but falls down again*

I’m fine!!

Michael: No, you’re not.

“The two people carry Stephen onto the Shores and drag him into Johnny’s base. There Micheal uses some scanners to see what was wrong with Stephen”

Johnny: Did you find what happened to him, Micheal?!

Michael: This is not good! He has been hit with a rating of 5.8 radiation!

Johnny: Oh no! all we can do now is wait and hope he recovers….

Michael: Yes, let’s hope...

Johnny: Its a small rating so it will heal but….there will be side effects… and especially his left arm… it seems it is spreading from there?

Michael: Doesn’t that mean that the whole lava zone is under radiation now?

Johnny: yeah but who cares about that?! Help my brother!

Michael: There is not much I can do… The only thing might be cutting his arm off...

Johnny: WHAT THE -