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[13 years ago]

*Michael is 14 years here*

[In class]

Teacher: So let’s talk about the future! Michael, what do you wanna be later when you are old?

Michael: I’m going to work with Alterra!

*The whole class is laughing except for one girl, Soraya. The girl who michael has a crush on*

David: Because your father works for Alterra doesn't mean that you also can work for them!

Michael: Hm, you will see!

Levi: You think you are cool? You are scared of spiders!

Michael: No i’m not! Oh and by the way, My father doesn’t work anymore!

Teacher: Class, calm down!

Levi: You can’t even punch a wet paper!

Michael: Stop now!

Levi: Or?

*Michael goes from his seat to levi and punches him in his face*

Michael: Sorry, my fist just slid away!

Levi: GRRRR!

Teacher: enough!

*Michael goes back to his table*

Teacher: Are you alright Levi?

Levi: Yes i’m fine!

[Later that day]

Teacher: Oh there is a break now! After that we have dutch, don’t forget the time!

*Outside of school*

Levi: If we go now it’s 3v1!

David: Let’s do it!

Levi: Ryan, where are you waiting for?

David: He is scared I think!

Levi: Don’t worry we have a knife with us!

David: He is gonna feel this!

*Some meter from the bullies is Michael standing and talking with Soraya*

Levi: HEY YOU!

*Pulls out knife*

Michael: Soraya, run and go to a teacher or someone else!

*Soraya runs away scared*

Levi: It’s over now!

Michael: Oh i don’t think so!

*At the moment Levi tries to stab Michael, Michael grabs his arm making him unable to stab. Then Michael put his arm on his back making the knife fall on the ground. Then Michael drops Levi on the ground*

Michael: This is your last warning!

*David and Ryan are looking scared at Michael*


Michael: Nothing.

*After everything is explained, Levi gets suspended for months and everybody respects Michael!