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BlackLord101 BlackLord101 8 September

The Escape (C2:RoK)

[10:00am, 15 december]

[At Alterra Vector Space Station]

Unknown person: *walks into command room*

You called for me?

Commander: We have one of our researchers stuck in a Kaliber Space station, and we need you to retrieve him…Johnny.

Johnny: What are the coordinates?

Michael runs away*

Frank: NO WAIT!

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BlackLord101 BlackLord101 8 September

The DNA (C2:RoK)


[15 years before the war from chapter 1]

Unknown Voice #1: We are moving in now!

Mr. Western: Be quick, it won’t take long before Alterra sees us!


Kaliber Soldier: IT’S ALTERRA!

Mr. Western: It’s too late. SHOOT BACK!

Mr. Borc: We are going to lose! We have to evacuate!

Mr. Western: Half of the squad stays for distraction. We are going to the space station.

The moment they left the base exploded!

[Kalibers station]

Dr. Venter: Where are the samples? I need them now!

Mr. Western: Relax, we have it!

Dr. Venter: Nothing to relax! We don’t have time! Commander! Move the station to the other side of the Ariadne Arm!

Mr. Western: What are you doing?

Dr. Venter: You started a war with Alterra. If we…

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BlackLord101 BlackLord101 7 September

The Mission (C2:RoK)

[Alterra A.A.1 Space Port 7:01am, 13 december 2307]

Important Note*

From: Mr. Western, To: Dr. Venter

Greetings, Doctor. I have found something you may be interested in. There is a sector on the other side of 4546b. In that place, there is a species that has the exact DNA we need for our Hybrid. I can send a team there that can extract the DNA for you.

See you soon, Mr. Western.

Michael: I need to inform Alterra. But I need a connection point… but where can I find it? The map. I have to go back to the office. But first, I need the “blueprint” of the Hybrid.

Michael collects the blueprints and walks slowly to the office. The office is still untouched. Michael walks in the office and looks on the map.

Kaliber Agent Borc: I have you now!

Michael: WHA…

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BlackLord101 BlackLord101 6 September

The Plan (C2:RoK)

[Alterra A.A.1 Space Port, 6:00am, 13 december 2307]

Frank: There you are! On schedule. So this is the plan: You sneak in the base with a small rocket that cannot be seen on the radar. You gather as much data as you can. Check all important rooms and try to get all the information.

Me: And if I get spotted? I don’t think it’s just an empty station.

Frank: If you get spotted, run or hide. And if you get caught. Send a distress signal to us via your secret planted chip.

Good luck and be strong! We don’t know what you are gonna see!

Me: Thanks for all the helpful information…

Frank: *Sigh*

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BlackLord101 BlackLord101 5 September

The new boss (C2:RoK)

12 December 2307*

*Michael has entered the Space Port*

Frank: Welcome Michael. I have waited for you a long time. As you know, your former boss was Rinject. But he is busy with another job and he will be gone for some time. So for now I am your boss!

The mission we have made for you is very complicated and hard. The scanners have found an unidentified Space Station. We of course want to know who they are and why they are here. We got a feeling it’s from Kaliber. And they aren’t your friends of course.

Me being irritated: Can’t it be funnier?

Frank: No humor? Heh. Well take some rest. We will discuss it tomorrow. Don’t be late. I’m not as friendly as Rinject!

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