My life as a Reaper Leviathan

Note: This is taken from the perspective of a Reaper. The most honest fish on 4546B is the fish known as the Reginald species.

Guten tag. I am Sammy the Safety Reaper. I was recently asked what my life was like so that people would stop killing my kind, and vice versa. Really, my life is pretty bland and sad. I was hatched in the area known as the “Safe Shallows”, but then it turned into the “Crash Zone”. I saw, rather, heard my voice, as I’m blind and use echolocation, on a large metal thing in the water one day and when I went in one day, I saw an orange hat. I think it was orange from what the Gasopods say. It had the word “Sammy” written on it, so I took it. I tried giving helpful tips to all the other creatures on the planet. Stalkers were too busy harassing hoverfish, the Gasopods smelled bad, the Ghost leviathans chased me away, and the Cuddlefish died out, leaving 5 eggs, which the last one told me to hide. Sea Dragons can’t be dealt with. They do whatever they [REDACTED] want!

I didn’t like how the fish were treating each other, and when the second chunk of metal fell from the sky, I went to investigate. The first one had killed my father and took my mother, so I wanted to let this one know that we will fight back if needed. No one was inside, so we just left it alone. The metal had taken all of our eggs hostage. I hope that Sammy Jr. hatched before it. We tried to free them, but they were stuck. I swam away, defeated, and it exploded. The radiation from the metal had made us Reapers grow to twice our size. I then saw a strange fish come by, So I went to let him know that it’s dangerous here. He tried attacking, so I grabbed him. Another Reaper, who we’ll call Susie the Unsafety Reaper, bumped into me, and I accidentally ate him. Later, someone else was there in a bigger fish, so I killed the fish to free him. He didn’t like that though.

Nowadays, I play chess with anyone willing. If I win, I eat them, If they Win, they kill me. The funny thing is, the population is slowly decreasing, and I’ve never lost. The only creatures who won’t play are the Sea Dragons, namely, Reginald, the alpha Sea Dragon. I also play chess with the strange fish that came from the metal. We play chess all the time, and we always draw. He’s good. He’s the next Bobby Fisher.*

That’s my life as a Reaper Leviathan. If you know someone who has been eaten by a Reaper, it was 100% accidental. If you need to know why we live in the “Crash Zone”, it’s because I’m trying to organize a funeral for those lost from the metal, but no one will be coordinated. Sammy Jr., if you escaped the metal, Daddy’s on his way.

*Bobby Fisher is a pun of Bobby Fischer, one of the best chess grandmasters of all time on Earth.

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