I heard a loud boom once, and it scared me. I later heard the echolocation communication that I have with Gerald the Ghost Leviathan. He asked me, "Have you heard the loud broom?" I said, "No".

Later while reading what he had to say, I realize he said boom, not broom. That makes more sense, I thought later.

I followed the boom's location, and upon doing so, I saw the largest threat to everyone, even the Sea Dragons and the Gargantuan Leviathan. The Omega Ghosts! 10 times larger than the ones in the Void, they are red and have a harpoon-like tail, capable of piercing through the metal of the Ones Who Were Here Before Us, or a the Strange Fish named Ryley Robinson called them, the Precursors. Normally, the Omegas stay underneath the Crater and protect the Giant Reefback that holds it on it's back.

Anyways, I swam away, grabbed my chess set, and asked if they wanted to play me. They chased me away. Apparently, every year, they have a celebration near the surface, and I almost interrupted it.

That's about it, there might be more that I missed, but that's all for today. This was none of your business.

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