Yay more Subnautica Lego by yours truly! My newest set has been approved by Lego Ideas and is now live on the website - the Underwater Base in the Grand Reef.  I am super proud of this set and I hope you all enjoy!

Unfortunately, this may be my last Subnautica Lego set for a few months.  I am currently finishing up my last year of Masters and applying to doctoral programs so I am becoming very VERY busy studying for doctoral interviews and tests.  Hence, I won't have too much time to work on Subnautica Lego until after February next year.  However, don't worry!  I still have many plans that I am looking forward to showing you all.

Please let me know in the comments below what you'd like to see next! Here are some ideas I had from my last blog post:

1. Sea Dragon Leviathan, Active Lava Zone

2. Sea Emperor Leviathan, Precursor Aquarium

3. Grand Reef, Crabsquids, Main Underwater Base for the player - includes Scanning Room, etc. (COMPLETE)

4. Moonpool (IN PROGRESS)

5. Cyclops (possibly a collaboration with Xenodrone)

6. Precursor Gun and Sunbeam "Rescue"

7. More Precursor Stuff - teleporters, Warpers, Precursor Gun, etc.

8. Smaller sets - kelp forest, bulb/koosh zone, etc.

9. Designs that have not been implemented in the game yet (or never will) - Atlas Submarine, Rocket Ship, Arctic biome, etc.

Support the Grand Reef set here:


Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf1

Set in its entirety.

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf2

A side view of the base.

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf3

Multipurpose Rooms opened up.

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf4

First Multipurpose Room stack: "food" room and power room.

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf5

Multipurpose Room 2: lab and bedroom.

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf6

Another view of the second Multipurpose Room.

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf9

Third Multipurpose Room: Alien Containment tank.

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf11

Another view of Alien Containment (with creepvine!)

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf13

Scanner Room

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf14

Scanner Room with lid removed.

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf15

Another view of Scanner Room with the roof removed.

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf16

Fighting off Crabsquids with the Propulsion Cannon!

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxf17

Anchor Pods with fauna, illuminated by Floodlight.

Subnautica The Deep Grand Reef.lxffinal

Various gear, elements, and fauna/flora included in the set .