Well ok, my earlier post about the game may seem like i hate the game but i don't. Here is my rundown about killing in game.

Like most ppl I was "scared" about killing my first Reaper. After about 12 or more, now not so mutch. I will give you my compleet list of tools to kill the creatures in game.

First, always start a fight in the beginning of the day (for most monsters) so you can see what they r doing and were they r going. When fighting in the Lost River , Inactive Lava Zone or Lava Lakes biomes it doesn't matter because there will be enough light.

Stalker = Stasisrifle and heated knife (just a couple of slashes and ++) ** Mesmer = Stasisrifle and heated knife (just a couple of slashes and ++) **

Sand Shark = same as above, will be killed very fast. Can also be done very nicely with prawnsuit (no upgrades) Boneshark = Prawnsuit (no upgrades) 3-4 hits should do it, also stasisrifle with heated knife works great

Ampeel = Prawnsuit (with Grappeling arm) can take a really long time. I found this one, one of the longest time to kill) Crabsquid = Stasisrifle and heated knife (just a couple of slashes and ++) **

Crabsnake = Stasisrifle and heated knife (this will take a little longer so make sure you have a larger airsupply)** Ghost Leviathan = same as Crabsnake, will take even longer but works better this way then prawnsuit**

Lava Lizard = you would think prawnsuit, but no Stasisrifle and heated knife (just a couple of slashes and ++)

River Prowler = Stasisrifle and heated knife (just a couple of slashes and ++) these r sooooooo easy**

Reaper Leviathan = Stasisrifle and heated knife (tried the prawn version, but hand tot monster works for me) don't think it will go down easy, will probably take a couple of attacks to kill

Sea Dragon Leviathan = Prawnsuit (with Grappeling arm) this one can be done faster then a reaper (strangely) but you will have to attack it the rightway. You can avoid it pretty easy and then try to hook it around the area by it's nek. And then when your close enough to it's body strike it (don't release the hook, stay attached)

So that's my list. I left out the Warper because i don't think I actualy killed one yet. I use Stasisrifle and heated knife on it but after 1-3 slashes it warpes away and I haven't seen it's corpse yet.

The Stalker, Mesmer, Crabsquid, Crabsnake, Ghost Leviathan, Lava Lizard, River Prowler and Reaper Leviathan are all so quick and/or maneuverable that trying to take them out with the prawnsuit could cause you mutch trouble.

Equip yourself with a Reinforced Dive Suit for less damage and a Rebreather  when taking on mosters at a depth.


My killing tool sets are either: Thermoblade + Stasis Rifle + Ultra High Capacity Tank (think about taking a spare when fighting Crabsnake, Ghost Leviathan and Reaper Leviathan) + Seaglide (optional, but very useful for quick getaway or hot persuit)



Prawn Suit + Grappling Arm + Claw arm (standard)


When using the prawnsuit to slay leviathan's it might be wise to use some upgrades. you will need atleast a depth module MK2 when killing the Sea Dragon Leviathan but als use 2x Hull Reinforcement and Jump Jet Upgrade. ForAmpeel and Boneshark you can do without the MK module and/or Jump Jet Upgrade and use only Hull Reinforcement (4x) youre damage should be minimal.


So go out there and kill all you want. face your fears and become the planet's most dangerous predator.

    • I find prawnsuit doesn't work so well on these, but give it a try. you can move far better and kill mutch faster by swimming and killing with stasisrifle and heated knife.