I started playing Subnautica with great delight. It looked like a beautiful game with a lot of potential. So I started playing and was going good/great, started building my first parts of the rocket, had a nice base, collected a lot of materials and was enjoying the game then......... crash. my game crashed and after a reboot the gamefile was corrupted and i lost all my stuff.

After some crying, cursing etc. I started a new game and repeated the above course and ..... yes another crash. But this time it was a great one... my game started as a new game, so no materials, in a life pod, no info or blueprints.. like you would expect.... but NO here comes the big surpise. All my bases, materials, cyclops, prawnsuit etc was still here...HOORAH or NOT.... Not because all the blueprints were gone, all the collected data was gone and on all the places you could go to get data and blueprints they were already collected. Aurora was going to blow again so i waited and went inside and yes even here everything was already collected. So no chance to get the blueprints for armored suit or anything else you need to collect so I decided quit the game and start AGAIN.
2019-02-09 00003
Now everything was going good, because I already learned a lot from the 2 previous games this was going smoothly. In 1 part of the game I went to the Aurora rendevouz point and went around the island going to all the bases and collected all the data and scaned the stuff later I went to the Quarantine Enforcement Platform and after confirming that I could not stop the laser I went around the island collected some stuff and found a gate (I already used this one in
2019-02-09 00010
the first try of this game and it took me to the bottom of the sea, mushroom forest to a gate cache) so i put in the energy it opened up and i went thru......... .......... ........... and ....... ........ ........ it teleported me to the island with the aurora rendevouz point ?????? but this is not the thing that surprised me, the whole island was bare, bare you say.... yes bare, NO PLANTS, NO TREES, NO BASES NO NOTHING accept for the jungle sounds you hear when you go around the island. Hmmmmmm A well I already collected it all so no BIGGIE right? wrong? I went
2019-02-09 00006
to the Quarantine Enforcement Platform and same as other island everything gone NO Quarantine Enforcement Platform and trees, animals, pants etc... oh wait one thing is there, the portal and still working but cannot get into the building and cannot turn off laser. So i am curred, done the whole game, kicked monsterbutt (leviathan) and finished my beautiful rocket that is now a nice statue in my watery garden because I am going to life here (not really) for the rest of my life.