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  • Khirman

    This is a fanmade story of the life of Soglyadatay (Russian pronunciation for Peeper), nicknamed Hero by his friends.

    As Hero was swimming around the shallows, he decided that he wanted to explore. So he went to the Kelp Forest to explore. He noticed that there were no Stalkers in the area. Strange, he thought. I should have seen at least one stalker by now. Suddenly, a stalker ambushed him from behind! He heard the stalker just in time to avoid getting his tail bitten off. He whirled around to face the stalker. "Well, you're deserving of that name," Hero yelled. "You're just coward trying to get an easy meal. All you do is hide." Then Hero noticed that the stalker's attention wasn't on him. Hero decided to turn 90° to check if it was a Mesme…

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  • Khirman


    February 11, 2018 by Khirman

    OK peeps, this is a list of some compiled theories. These are NOT my own theories. Theories that are made by A FANDOM User are unmarked.

    1. Fishrus: Precursors use teleporters made by precursors to help them go biome to biome. The ones marked will also be where the juveniles end up.

    2. Warpers are genetically engineered Precursors - an extreme solution to an extreme problem; What cyborgs are to humans, Warpers are to Precursors.

    3. Marty1233223: I think the dead zone crater is a bomb site from where the first traces of the carar were found by the precursors and the tried to destroy it with a bomb

    4. BippityBop: Kharaa isn't from this planet.

    4 Theories by Zadagr:

    5. Reaper Leviathans were not indigenous to the surface and either the radiation of…

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  • Khirman


    February 6, 2018 by Khirman

    I visited the Aurora, and why is there non-functioning science equipment?

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