I made this just for anyone who plays subnautica. I'm still working on it and you guys can tell me if you want to see more. :)

At this time in life the earth was inhabitable. Most species were extinct, and the others were either in containment or on your food tray. Alterra Corp. just launched their new ship the Aurora to planet 4546b. Some crew members were in Ozzy's cafeteria, like Jochi Khasar and Danby. Everyone else was in their rooms or in the zero-G room, except for Ryley Robinson.

   Ryley was always a quiet man, kept everything to himself.  Ryley was a good man but he could never stop thinking, thinking about the dangers in space, or thinking about what other planets. Sometimes he would go to Officer Keen and warn him about the dangers he thinks about, but Keen always said 
“You should really see a counselor about this if you are so worried all the time.” because he was always thinking he was always tired, and he slept a lot.

After talking to Keen he went back to his dorm and fell asleep.

   “CRACK... BOOM!” he heard when he woke up. Alarms sounded everywhere. He heard screaming and he looked out his dorm. He saw fire. Ryley was afraid of fire. Ever since he accidently caught his dorm on fire and burned everything in it too, he’s been afraid. Now more alarms sounded and he was terrified. He grabbed his P.D.A file and ran to the lifepod room. Jochi, Ozzy, Danby, Keen and other people were already there. They were all terrified. Especially Keen. He was an officer but he never knew what to do in a emergency. Ryley looked at Keen and thought to himself, “Serves him right.” 
   Everyone was rushing into lifepods, and Ryley saw an open one and ran to it. No one was there so he got in and pressed the launch button. The lifepod then said, “Launching in” The lifepod then launched. Then a panel flies off the opposite wall, exposing wires and then smashed into Ryley, making him knocked out.
   Three hours later he woke up and he saw fire. He knew he had to stay calm in order to survive. He picked up a fire extinguisher and he calmly sprayed the fire and put it out. Ryley then took out his PDA file and it said, “♫###4000 You have suffered minor head trauma. This is considered an optimal outcome.This PDA has now rebooted in emergency mode with one directive: to keep you alive on an alien world. Please refer to the databank for detailed survival advice. Good luck.” He then climbed up the ladder that was in the middle of the pod and he lifted up the hatch and a strange bird like creature flew above him, looked at him, and flew away.
   He then got up on the life pod and turned around. In front of him was the Aurora, completely destroyed. His PDA beeped, he took it out and it said,"The Aurora suffered orbital hull failure. Cause: unknown. Zero human life signs detected.###2500." “Does that mean everyone is gone?” he said to himself. He wondered if anybody was still alive. Everywhere he looked was water, just water. Before he got into the water, his PDA beeped, "Environment: Uncharted ocean planet. Oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere. Water contamination: high." he decided to be cautious and he went back into the lifepod.