▀Epilogue. My name is Miles cook, and I’m a scientist working for Altera and I also own one of there spaceports, but that’s not the point of this story, you see I got a strange distress call coming from Fred Lachance and Jeremiah Murgle, who were supposed to be working at the delta station in sector-zero of 4546b. This was exactly what I needed, you see I have been trying to get to 4546b after my friend, Riley came back from the Aurora crash, with so much research and story in that Pda I had to do some research myself. And that distress call was what I needed to get passage to the planet.

I started packing everything I needed and set off to the space port, it would only be a single parasect of travel so only a couple hours till I would be on the planet. I still needed to pick where in the sector I should land first, the sea had more materials but was more dangerous and land also had the same pros and cons, but if I was going to find Fred and Jeremiah I would need to land in a place documented “The Twisty Bridges.” Because landing was too rough around delta island do to thermal vents and creatures called cryptocurtains or something, the broadcast wasn’t very clear on that.

chapter 2 rough landing

“Launching in 3. 2.. 1… pod 17 deployed”. And there I was entering the atmosphere of planet 4546b, my drop zone was going to be near a large cave system called the deep twisty bridges, where there’s supposed to be a lot of materials, I brought a rebreather, sea glide, cold suit, and food and water to last around a week, and I brought a build tool for building my lab. BEEP BEEP BEEP, “warning high turbulence, landing location changing by 57 meters and counting.” “That can’t be good.” I said as the pod tossed and turned, “10 seconds till impact and counting.” “Ok ten seconds.” I thought, seconds later we hit the water and I felt the pod sink Into the ocean.

I waited for the sound of the pod hitting the ground, and waited, my ears started to pop as I kept sinking deeper and deeper, I checked the depth and I was 250m deep, “That can’t be right.” I thought and I finally hit the seafloor at around 270 meters. I looked out the window and saw bridges of coral glowing in the dark as I looked around there was almost nothing down there, just rocks and the odd fish. I opened my locker and grabbed my scanner, knife, rebreather and o2 tank, and made the mistake of opening the door, as water started rushing in and flooding my pod, I swam out and shut the door hoping the water drainage would drain everything out before I needed air again, “ok I’m gonna need to fix that” I thought as I looked for some titanium to build an airlock for my pod and eventually make a base, that’s when I heard a large roar coming from the deep.

Chapter 3 Distress call #1

After I heard that sound, I was intrigued and also terrified, I didn’t know what or where it was but I that made me want to know even more, so I went back to the pod for some air, and went out into the depths. as I was going deeper I heard a strange noise, it was almost like a distress call, my PDA said it was coming from about 130-200 meters deep, so not any deeper than my pod, but it was still 200m away so I decided to swim in that general direction for some materials, as I went the sound of an engine dying came from the same location as the distress call, and the call faded away into nothingness.

as I was heading back I saw a strange light almost the same as a flash light, and I saw a diver heading out of a cave near the distress signal, he or she was using a seaglide to swim to the surface, that’s when I realized I was running out of oxygen and my PDA didn’t even warn me! I started for my pod but it was to far away so I started for the surface, even if a made it, I would be unconscious for at Least 10-20 minutes, and I didn’t want to know what could kill me in that time frame, so even if I broke the surface I would still die some how, so I didn’t matter right? I could just stop swimming and just wait here… no, I have to get to the surface, for some reason I thought this was funny, probably just the lack of oxygen…

i finally reached the surface, I ripped off my re breather and almost passed out from getting so much oxygen after so little, I looked around and saw some smoke coming from the water, I looked through it and saw light, yes I know it was mid day but this was electrical light not natural, I swam towards it and saw a dock with the Altera logo, my PDA said that there was a large mass of titanium on the island with alterra signatures around the island, “This must be delta island” I thought aloud.

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chapter 4: where’s fred?

As I started pulling up to delta island I heard a deep ferocious roar, and saw what I thought must be one of those cryptocurtains, it had a lot of resemblance to crocodiles that overpopulated most of the Southern Hemisphere, but with longer legs, a shorter body and shiny scales. Once I saw it’s mouth I decided I should get to that dock and hide away for a bit, but I didn’t have a sea glide and these things where fast, I decided to swim to the surface so I could move faster, but once I got up my air tank seemed a lot heavier, “I’m an idiot I weigh more above water.” I thought and so I ripped off my air tank and threw it under the water, hoping to distract the cryptocurtain and I was about to reach the dock when I felt something grab my leg, I felt dozens of teeth digging into my right leg, hot searing pain shot through my leg and up my spine, i grabbed a metal pole on the dock and grasped for dear life, some water came into my mask because I never closed the o2 release, and water dripped into my leg, jabbing at my wound, it tightened its grip on my leg, I called out for help, but more pain shot throughout my body, I went to pull my self up onto the dock but it threatened to pull my leg off, I grabbed a flare off the dock and threw it at its face, it released its grip just long enough for me to pull my self up un to the dock.

i wouldn’t be able to swim for a while now if I didn’t treat these wounds, and I was starting to get cold fast, I looked around for a cave or something and I found just that, I went to walk over put it was almost impossible to get up with one leg, so I pulled my self along and eventually got to the cave, were a bunch of weird flowers where staring at me, then I felt my entire body warm up and I realized that they where giving me heat. I took the time to cut my suit off of my leg and looked at the wound, it was bleeding a lot to I cut up my now ripped dive suit (only the leg part) and wrapped it around my leg to try to clot and stop the bleeding, I went to bend my leg but it hurt so much I almost passed out, I called for help again and decided to call every 30 seconds for about 3 minutes, but nobody came.

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