I'm tired of making this, so I will not update this daily. Thanks for all the support, -Peep (But yes, I will still update this every so often)


Hello, I am Peep the Peeper. I have just spawned in the safe shallows and am feeling great. I think a found a friend, Paul Peeper. He has told me about what to do, and what not to do. Life on Planet 4546B will be great!


Something scary has happened! A spaceship has crashed into our planet, and exploded! It has released many floating things, but only a few survived the fall. Paul says he will observe the "human" in "Lifepod 5," the one closest to us.

(A few hours later)

Paul says that the "human" is dangerous. the humans apparently will eat the creatures he will find. I hope it doesn't come looking for Paul and I...


I woke up with wierd green dots on my skin! I asked Paul what it was, and he said it was called "Carar" He said the biggest problem was "Warpers;" genetically made creatures, made by the Precursors, which were designed to hunt down and kill all things infected with this disease. Hey, the human is approching! I am scared. Oh-no! The human has picked me up! He has brought me to a machine... I am bracing myself...

Hey... The rash is gone! The human has cured me! I thought he said humans were dangerous! I will tell Paul about this.


Paul said that I was lucky that the human did not try to eat me. He said that there is one thing that will ALWAYS try to eat you; stalkers. He said that stalkers live in the Kelp Forest. I would never go to the Kelp Forest alone. Paul says we might go to the forest exploring tomorrow! I can't wait!


Today we are going adventuring in the Kelp Forest! I am so exited! Paul says we are going right now, he just has to pick up some food, in case we don't find any creepvine. Alright! He has finished packing. Off to the forest!

He said we should not be scared unless we go too close to the stalker. He asked me if I wanted to try some creepvine, and I said yes. He grabbed a cluster of the glowing, yellow creepvine. I tried some and I loved it. I will remember to bring them back home! Paul said it was time to enter the forest. It is beautiful! I swam to some more creepvine. Then Paul said "Watch out for those stalkers!" I said we would be fine, we swim fast and have eyes on both sides of our head. But then, A stalker camoflauged into the vines jumped out and attacked me... Paul quickly swam towards me and grabbed me. Then he yelled "Go, swim as far as you can! I've lived a good life. Goodbye, Peep..."


I am scared. I don't know where to turn. Wait, I see a glowing place! The Jelly Shroom Caves! My cousin should be here, Eye the Oculus. Oh, I think I see him! He turned around and said "Hi Peep! What are you doing here?"

"I was in the Kelp Forest, then I got lost."

"You can stay with me, but I don't know how to get to the Safe Shallows from here."

"Is there anything else I should know?"

"Yes, watch out for crabsnakes."

Yay! Now I live in the Jelly Shroom Caves! It's gonna be great living here. Eye is practically the Paul of the Oculuses (, Oculi, or Oculus; I'm not sure. :P), . I miss paul. Maybe he didn't get killed by the Stalker! Maybe he's looking for me! Hopefully, he knows where I am.


I'm kinda hungry. I'll tell Eye that I'm gonna go for some creepvine. He said he would come with me to try some creepvine. Then I just realised;

"Hey, Eye, how do you eat without a mouth?"

He stalled for a few seconds and then said; "Let's just go get some creepvine!" We are off to get some creepvine!


Ooh! I just found a creepvine cluster! Why does this stuff taste so good? Hey, is that another Peeper? "Paul, IS THAT YOU?!"

"Yes Peep. I survived."


"Who is that oculus you are with?"

"That is Eye. Maybe he wants to come to the safe shallows with us?"

Eye nodded his head. Paul is alive and well, and eye is coming to the shallows with us. Yay!


That was scary, but we are back in the safe shallows. Eye brought a jelly shroom, that we can all live in! He made a planter, that we plant creepvine in. The safe shallows is great. I can't belive how much I've missed it. Paul says he found a way to entertain stalkers, in case we go back. It's all back to normal.


I went swimming, and I found a crashfish named Crasher. He says that he can defend us from stalkers, if we go to the Kelp Forest again. He apperently has gunpower in his body, and can make a harmful explosion, therefor getting rid of the stalker. I would like to see that in action! He cought the eye of a stalker, then it swam towards him. Wow. 3... 2... 1... BOOM! "Wow, Crasher, that was amazing."


I showed Paul Crasher. He said that he once killed two stalkers at once! He said that we should go exploring the spaceship. This will be great! He handed us a lead suit to protect ourselves from the radiation spewing from the ship. "Wait, what happens of we take these off?"

"You will become mutated and slowly die"

Oh my god, that's scary!


We are off to the "Aurora" the spaceship that crashed near us. It even has a room that we can go in! Wait... what are those!?! "Paul, what is THAT"

"That is a bleeder, Peep."

"It looks scary..."

"Don't let it touch you, it will hold on and suck out your blood."

Then Crasher said; "If it holds onto you, I willl get it off."

"Thanks, Crasher."

We went to explore the mysterios room. But a bleeder was following us! It clasps onto my skin. (Or whatever aliens have for skin) Crasher quickly let out a small explosion, which deattached the bleeder, but the cut on my skin was still bleeding!


(Unconscious from blood loss)


Huh? Where am I? Ooh! I'm back home, and the cut is healed! Paul and Crasher explained that the human put you in his aquarium and fed you creepvine every day. Apperently for peepers, creepvine has medicinal properties! The human also is no threat, so the human apporaches Crasher, without him having to make an explosion. Hooray! Everything's back to normal. Wait... When I was bleeding the normal yellow, I remembered the human bleeding red! Aliens are weird.


Today when I was getting creepvine for Eye and I, Crasher blew up the creepvine by mistake, and a "reaper" saw the explosion, then killed crasher. It was big and scary. Luckily, when he died, he let out a big explsosion, which killed the reaper. Goodbye, Crasher; we will always remeber you.


After Crasher died, I have learned to be more cautious. The human saw how sad Paul, Eye, and I were. He now goes to the kelp forest every day, bringing us creepvine to eat. That is so lucky, now we don't have to risk our lives just to get our favourite food! (But the human has to...)


Today we went exploring, and we found a giant creature! The "Sea Emporer." It is sadly one of the only 5 in existence, and the other 4 are it's children. Her name is Sarah Sea Emporer Leviathan. She is sad that her (not her children) family just wants to kill, like Reap the Reaper and Drago Sea Dragon. She will come to visit the Safe Shallows (Or, somewhere where she will fit) with us! Hopefully the human will not be scared by her.


When Sarah came, at first the human was scared, (As the Sea Emporer is quite large, about 2 1/2 sea dragons!) but the emporer posed no threat. I find It very strange that Sarah notices us, she is HUGE! Sarah has also found a docile reaper, Levi Leviathan. (Man, leviathans are big) Levi can stay in the shallows with us, but Sarah can sadly not. She said she would come back, around once a week. Life here is getting better and better!


Uh oh! I have Carar again! The human does too! Eye and Paul also have it! Uh oh... Good, the human is taking us to somewhere. Sarah? "Sarah, why did the human take us here?"

"I have healing properties when it comes to Carar."


The human grabbed something from Sarah, and put it on himself and us. I (somehow) asked the human to keep us in an alien containment place, so that we won't get hurt anymore, but to let us out when we want to. The human agreed. This place is nice! Creepvine, Paul, Eye, and another Oculus! The other Oculus was named Ock. It's apperently a female name for an Oculus. (I never thought that name existed in general) It's just Paul, Eye, Ock, and I. and Sarah said that she will lay eggs, and here child can stay with us. Hooray!