WELL OK so uhhh...

i have 14 bases now...hehe.

Emperor shrine base- in the emperors aquarium

Base Epsilon- in front of the PCF on an island

Base Zeta- somewhere on top of the lava castle

Cove tree research base- wrapping around the top of the cove tree

Base Eta- one half located on an island in the gargantuan leviathan's ribcage, one half next to the skull

Base Theta- next to lifepod 3 in the kelp forest

Base Iota- located in the dunes sinkhole

Base Kappa- on the very top of the huge mushroom tree

Base Lambda- on a mountain peak in the northern blood kelp with a long tunnel that runs next to the ghost leviathan's spawn point

Base Munuxi (formerly Base Mu)- located on the largest underwater island

And i plan on making even more so...yeah

Until tomorrow, my friends!