This is just a story, like a diary thingy.

Day 1 (Hard Landing)

I have crashed into an alien-planet. My friend, Jack, got in with me. I went unconcious once a metal plate smacked me in the head, giving me some bad damage to the brain and he went unconcious from a fire extinguisher. We both woke up and saw the other half of the lifepod on fire. I broke my chair getting out, and Jack grabbed the fire extinguisher, and put out the fire. I got up and tried turning on the communications.  They were broken at the time so they didn't work. Me and jack got out of the lifepod and our eyes widened and our jaws dropped to the ground. The Aurora was damaged heavily and was deep in the water. We were floating on the water, well, our lifepod was.

Day 2 (Small Fish, Big Fish)

Although this PDA has been mostly corrupted due to age, I will try and uncorrupt as much as I can.

I have just encountered a creature with big teeth and an enlarged Snout.

Jack: No you haven't, Daniels.

Daniels: Yes, I have!

Jack: Ok, prove it!

Daniels: This! I have a scar and a removed peeper-beak!

Jack: Oh jeez. I suppose it ripped off a peeper body and left you with the beak.

Daniels: Yep..

Thud. Thud. Thud! THUD! Reeeeaaaak, ka-tung.

Daniels: HEAR THAT?!

Jack: Yep! RUN!


Jack: You do that!



All PDA's have been found. Please report back later or find more lifepod data next search.