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(also maybe for Below Zero as it is for the void)

I saw some mods about the Subnautica void. But here is what I imagine it would be:

Just as in the normal game, there would be a lot of empty water, but instead of the map just ending there would be some sort of land, but it is not normal, you just cannot go anymore. You slow down a bit, and then get a little stuck, you can see that there is something, you get out.

If you take your scanner out you can scan it and the portion you scan will have something in the PDA like:

"You just found ICE7. This is the type of water that is made ice not through freezing, but with pressure. You need a specific tool to break it."

And then you would find somewhere a Precursor structure, an entrance, it is not finished but it is meant for... let's say exploration.

The pressure there is too big and you need a special vehicle to get inside. (blueprint unlocks) You build the small vehicle and you can get inside the structure finally.

Somewhere in the Precursor structure you find a data thingy. You access it and it says something about a new material. They combined some of the rarest materials on the planet with the pressure of the deep. Of course, now your mission is to find everything and combine it, then with that material and a modified fabricator (you modify your fabricator using some Precursor technology), you can make an upgrade for your vehicle. After that you go again now you can destroy some ICE7 that was inside the structure. At some point you get somewhere so deep that... you discover new lifeforms. Deep in the pressure and with ICE7, some unknown phenomenon made it that the ice would end and there are some creatures. Mostly ghost-like ones. You can see a version of a peeper, but it's skin is one of a Ghost Leviathan.

There is some kind of ground, weird but still existing and with ghost plants on it. Your vehicle has a scanner on it so you can scan the stuff.

I couldn't think of more and right now this idea is a lot of work for some useless stuff but this is still a really really big update to the void. And it would (I think) be actually easy to get into the game, there will be a barrier, so no more going down into the void and getting teleported back and sometimes some glitches and stuff, so you will just stop there. Somewhere there is a structure so there is actually something new. And it has new stuff including (OF COURSE) the GHOST PEEPER.

There should also be more creatures that I cannot really think of now as in my country it is really late and I am going to crash-land in my bed after typing this but I thought it was really really important and how I don't really know how to make mods and stuff I decided to make a suggestion for an actual update or maybe just someone will make a mod for this.