top ten best Broadway quotes can't buy integrity at the mall its not for sale- Janice, cautionary tale, mean girls

9.once and for all something tells me the tide will be turning- jack kelly, once and for all, newsies

8.they'll tear each other into pieces jeases Crist this will be fun- king George III, you'll be back reprise 1, Hamilton

7.high schools a boint social crse- mathlet 1, do this thing, mean girls

6. pshhhhhhhhhh the cafeteria- niome ladrecas, one school, 21 chump street

5.and ugly crying- Janice, revenge party, mean girls

4. dad said act our age you heard the man its time to rave- ram sweeny, big fun, heathers that red scrunchy- the dead, yo girl, heathers

2. everything is legal in new jersey- Phillip Hamilton, Hamilton

and the best Broadway quote is...

1.thats the thing with life no one makes it out alive- Beetlejuice, the whole being dead thing, Beetlejuice

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