so i wanted to make a blog on all my ideas for new base peices.

feel free to add your own ideas in the comments.

1 Power generator.

this would be like the old one in the early stages of the game.( i dont know the name of it) you would put 4 power cells i  it this time instead of 6 and you would place it outside your base i think the recipe would be: power cell + power cell + power cell + Power cell + titanium + silver.

2 diaganol corridor.

so everybody knows there are 4 sides of the multipurpose room that you cant attach corridors to. so this would be the same as the regular I corridor just it would be able to attach diagonally to a multipurpose room it would have the same recipe: Titanium + Titanium.

3 large alien containment.

so this would be a really big peice it would be the height of 1 and a half multipurpose rooms, it would be the lenght of 2 multipurpose rooms and it would be the height of 1 and a half multi purpose rooms on 1 side there would be a area that would be the width of a corridor where you could stand and stuff. you would still have to put a hatch to get in. and i think it would have a planter that could fit a 6 x 8 of space. you would be able to stack them and place the side by side. and when you put them back to back you could have a wider containment. in it creepvines would grow to be taller and animals would grow a little bit bigger but still pretain there same inventory space. the recipe would be: enameld glass + enameld glass + enameld glass + enameld glass + enamled glass + titanium ingot + titanium ingot.

4 cyclops docking bay

this would be the the width of half a mulltipurpose room and would be the lenght of 2 corridors. it would have 6 wall spaces ( 2 on each side and 2 on the ceiling ) it would hava a specialized hatch on1 end where when you drive the cyclops close enough it would dock and when you get out you will be in your base. it would also charge your cyclops. the recipe would be: advanced wiring kit + gold + titanium ingot + titanium ingot.

and 1 more that isent a base peice

5 scanner room tazer upgrade.

this would be an upgrade you make and put in the scanner room. what it would do is wen you you press a button it would realease an electrical shock, wich would be usefull for when a stalker takes your camera if you use this the stalker would let go of your camera and leave it alone for a while.

so guys what do you think? levae your ideas in the comments.