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Chapter one

Part 1

A girl named Koko was waiting for her brother to come back from work. She is 15 years old. Her brother’s name was Max and is 24. His occupation is an engineer and he was great with combat.

Koko: *sitting in the living room waiting for her brother to come back from work*

Max: *opens the door*

Koko i’m home

Koko: *gets up to greet Max*

Finally your home. You promised me you will teach me how to fight and how to build thing’s.

Max: Tomorrow. Where’s dad and mom?

Koko: They left for their business trip.

Max: Already, ok. Let's get you to bed. You should have been sleeping by now. You have class tomorrow.

Koko: ugh, class i hate it there. It’s boring, I know all the answer’s. And they make fun of me.

Max: I know. You tell me the same thing every time. Now go to your bedroom and sleep.

Koko: Fine. Goodnight. *hugs Max*

Max: Goodnight. *goes to his bedroom*

The next day Koko got ready for school. Max was preparing breakfast.

Koko: *in her mind something smells good. Goes down stairs and sits at the table*

Max: *bring’s two plates full of food and puts it on the table*

Dig in.  

Koko:*Finishes her food and puts her plate in the sink. Grabs her backpack and walks to school*

Max: *gets up and walks to work. Goes to  Alterra and goes to his station. Grabs a file on his desk and opens it*

Let’s see what we have for today. So I need to fix a couple of engines for the ships and the air conditioner.

After 9 hours…..

Max: *finished fixing the air conditioner and half of the engines that needed fixing*

The captain: Max please report to earth. The principal of the school in which your sister is in has reported an incident………

       To be continued…...

     Chapter 1

Part two

When Koko reached her school she went to her class room and sat in the 4th row, the 1st seat. All the children in her class either bullied her or ignored her because she keeps her hair short like a boy and does not like makeup or wearing dresses. Instead she wore shirts and pants.

Koko:*after reaching school sit at her desk and takes out her homework keeps it on her desk*

A teacher: Class, take out your homework from yesterday. Now if you have done your homework raise your hand. If you have not, please go wait outside of the class.

Koko and  ¾ had raised their hands and the other ¼  walked out of the classroom.

Koko:Sir, can i tell all the answers for the homework you gave us.

Teacher: *signs*

Koko, you are a very smart girl but I want someone else this time. I want Leo to answer them.

Leo answered them all correctly except for one. It was break time now.

Koko: *got up and went to the playground to eat her food*

Saled again. Disgusting.

*hears someone crying*

It was lexy. Another one of Koko’s classmates.

Koko: What's wrong?

Lexy: Collin asked me to give him some money. I refused , so he dumped my food on the floor.

Koko: Where is he?

Lexy: At the swings.

Koko: *runs over to the swings. Pick up a rock and throws it at Collin*

Hey Collin, heads up.

Collin:*gets hit in the face with a rock*

You little brat.

Koko: Come and get me.

Collin: *Chases Koko till the front of the School, then loses her*

Where did You go?

Koko:*Comes out of nowhere and punches him in the face*

A bunch of children were staring at them.

Collin:*Punches her in the stomach*

Koko:*pin him down and punches him continuously*

A Teacher comes and breaks up the fight.

They both were sent to the principal office.

The principal called the parents. As Koko’s mother and father on a business trip she called her brother. He came 30 min later.

Both collin and koko had a long chat with the principal. They should have been punished but were not as it was their first time acting like this.

To be continued……….

Part 3

A Teacher comes and breaks up the fight.

They both were sent to the principal office.

The principal called the parents. As Koko’s mother and father on a business trip she called her brother. He came 30 min later.

Both collin and koko had a long chat with the principal. The principal let them off with a warning.

Max:*walking home with Koko*

What were you thinking Koko! You can’t just pick a fight with someone like that.

Koko:*Looks sad. When they reach home she runs up to her bedroom*

Max:*calls his mom and dad and tells them what happened. Ends call.*

Next Day…..

Koko: * gets up and goes down stairs. Sits at the dining table*

Good morning.

Max: *Puts food on the table*

Good morning Koko

After finishing their food, Max goes to work and Koko goes to school.

Koko: *sits at her desk*

Leo: *comes and sits beside her*

You ok?

Koko: *rudely says*

What does it look like!

Leo: Uhh….

Koko: Leo, can you just leave me alone!

Leo: Yeah, sure.

At Alterra…….

Max: *Fixing a part of a ship*

Captain: * walks over to where Max was working*

Max, I need to see you in my office now.

Max: Ok

Max and the captain go inside the captain's office.

Max: What’s the problem?

Captain: You have been selected for a mission for Alterra. To Planet 4546B. Here’s the file for the planet.

Max: Why would they make a file for a planet?

*Open’s the file.*

Is this all true?!?!

Captain: Yes. Do you want to go on this mission or not?

Max: Sure.....

To be continued……….

Part 4

Max:*walks out of the office and walks up to Tyler Nex*

Hey Tyler, I have been selected for a mission.

Tyler: Me too. The captain told me this morning. So what will

your sis think of it?

Max: Ugh, she’d probably hate me for leaving her and try to stop me from going.

Tyler: Good luck with that.

*walks away*


At Koko’s School………

The bell rings

Koko:*goes for break*

Leo:*joins her*

Koko:*looks at him and stops*

Stop following me or I will beat you up like I did with Collin.

Leo: I know you won’t because I just want to be your friend.

Koko: What makes you think I need a friend?

Leo: Because you need someone to be next to you through difficult times.


At the end of school Koko walkes home.

Max was waiting for her at home.

Koko: *Reaches home*

Max: Koko come here I have to talk to you for a moment.

Koko: If this is about me beating up Collin…..

Max: No, this is different. I have been selected to go on a mission and I need to know if you're ok with staying home by yourself.

Koko: Ok...Ok you want to know if i am ok with you leaving me while you go on your stupid mission. Go if you care about your mission more than me.

Max: Hey common don’t be like this you know I care more about you than anything.

Koko: Then you won’t go on the mission if what you're saying is true….

To be continued…………..