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The Veined Nettle is a Flora species found inhabiting shallower Biomes. Using a Survival Knife, the player can harvest Veined Nettle Seeds from it, which can then be planted. It is commonly found in the Safe Shallows and sometimes in the Grassy Plateaus or Mushroom Forest. The Veined Nettle is mainly for decoration purposes only.


The Veined Nettle's shape resembles a hand fan. Its overall color is violet with a dark purple stem, which has glowing pink spots on it. The fan is darker at the center, but becomes lighter as it goes farther out, constantly emitting a faint bioluminescent glow. The edges appear to have been chewed on by a creature.

Data Bank Entry


A common, shallow-water plant which frequently shows signs of predation around the edges of the leaves. Thick, violet veins carry nutrients to the extremities of the fan, and brightly-colored seeds grow around the base and stem.



  • The Veined Nettle was originally called the Purple Fan.