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The Violet Snowcone is a species of flora found within the Glacial Bay and the West Arctic.


The Violet Snowcone sports a tall body encased in what appears to be ice that widens as it reaches the ground. The lowest part of the plant has a layered appearance, and is a light blue color. This light blue color then fades to a purple-ish hue as the body thins, until it reaches the top of the plant. at the top of the plant, yellow and purple leaves poke out of its icy shell.

Data Bank Entry

Violet Snowcone

The Violet Snowcone is a large surface plant that gradually sheds its stem, creating a melted appearance at the base. Over time, the shedded material begins to harden, creating a thick protective shell around the stem of the plant. This shell creates an obstacle for animals trying to get to its nutritious flower and water rich interior.

Source: Scan Violet Snowcones