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The Voxel Shrub is a terrestrial flora species. By using a knife on it, the player can harvest Voxel Shrub Seeds, which can then be planted.


The Voxel Shrub has a dark green stalk with a pink blossom at the top and leaves protruding from it in sets of three to the sides. Both the petals and the leaves are of a rhombic shape.

Data Bank Entry

Voxel Shrub PDA Encyclopedia.png

A pink-leafed plant with an angular appearance which grows exclusively on land.



  • The Voxel Shrub was originally called the Pink Flower.
  • A voxel is the three-dimensional equivalent of a pixel, with "vo" representing "volume" and "el" representing "element." They are commonly used in 3D terrain mapping due to their superior ability to represent complex terrian compared to a heightmap.
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