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This article is about the Wall Locker. You may be looking for the Locker.

The Wall Locker is a smaller version of the Locker which provides storage. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder and can be placed inside the Cyclops or a Seabase module.

One of the main differences between the Wall Locker and the normal Locker is its ability to be wall mounted and to come with customable text options. They have (5×6) 30 item slots, and attempting to deconstruct a Wall Locker that contains items is not possible, resulting in a notification that the container is not empty.

How to customize label

  • Build the small locker.
  • Click on the "LOCKER" text.
  • Enter the desired text (ten character limit).
  • Click on the lower white circle to cycle through text colors
  • Press Enter to apply or click elsewhere.


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  • The Wall Locker's original name was Small Locker.
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