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The Waterproof Locker is a deployable storage container. It is crafted using the Fabricator.

The Waterproof Locker is intended to be used in the ocean, but can also be placed inside of a Seabase. When dropped, it floats in the water similarly to the Beacon and can store up to sixteen items in a 4×4 space. It takes up a 2×2 space in the inventory. Once dropped, it cannot be picked up unless it has an empty inventory.

An editable label is located on the top of the Waterproof Locker. It can support up to ten characters.

It is useful for players who need extra storage, but have not yet built a Seabase or Seatruck.

If a player wishes to carry a locker with items in it, a Prawn Suit can be used to pack it up and place it into the Prawn Suits Storage. When in the storage it can be picked up when in storage, making the only way to carry a Waterproof Locker with items in it. The name on the locker stays the same when picked up by the Prawn Suit and placed back into the water.


  • Place the Waterproof Locker anywhere by dropping it with RMB.
  • Press LMB while looking at the top of the locker to access the storage.
  • Press LMB while looking at the label to edit the label. While editing, press on the colored dot to change the color of the label.
  • Press LMB anywhere else on it to pick up.

Note that the Waterproof Locker cannot be picked up if it has items inside of it.


The blueprint for this item is unlocked when the player enters the Drop Pod. It is crafted in the Fabricator.

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