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This article is about the edge in Below Zero. You may be looking for the Crater Edge in Subnautica.

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Warning. Entering ecological dead zone. The prospect for survival is fast approaching zero.


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The World Edge is a biome that serves as the border of Sector Zero’s map, encompassing the perimeter of the landmass. Though it surrounds the entirety of the map, the player normally enters the biome through the Lilypad Islands, either of the Arctic regions, and the Tree Spires, unlike the Crater Edge which can be entered through any given direction.


The World Edge is an annular region surrounding Sector Zero. Like the Crater Edge, it is absent of life. The rocky, barren terrain bleeds into its neighboring biomes, forming steep plateaus and cliffs. When the player exceeds 8192 meters in any given direction relative to the origin of the world, they will be teleported back to the aforementioned origin.

Several Large Resource Deposits can be found throughout the World Edge.

Water Void

The Water Void is open ocean, and the outer extension of the World Edge. Three Void Chelicerate Leviathans inhabit the area. They behave similarly to the three Adult Ghost Leviathans found in the Crater Edge, in which one spawns every 30 seconds once the player enters the biome. The Void Chelicerates will pursue the player for as long as they remain in the Water Void. Once the player leaves the biome and returns to the World Edge, the leviathans will abandon their chase.



  • There is actually technically three different voids in the game, these are Water Void, Tundra Void, and World Edge. World Edge appears in the game as the main void, and is the only one normally accessable in game without bugs or cheats. Water Void is simply an older version of the World Edge, used in early versions of the game in the water. The most interesting void is the TundraVoid. Unlike the other voids, this void appears mostly on land, mostly out of bounds.
    • Its possible that there was plans for a land version of the void, as the Tundra Void appears mostly out near land regions out of bounds, however this is just speculation.