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This article is about X Compartments as it appears in Subnautica. To see this subject as it appears in Below Zero, click here.

The X Compartment is a Seabase module. It is a corridor with four exits shaped like an "X".

The X Compartment is constructed with the Habitat Builder and placed on top of a Foundation or connected to another Seabase compartment. The Blueprint for the X Compartment is unlocked by default. Adding an X Compartment to a Seabase reduces its Hull Integrity by 1.


  • Hatches can be placed on the end-panels and in the floor and ceiling.
  • Windows can be placed on the end-panels and the ceiling.
  • Ladders can be placed on the floor and ceiling if there is a vertically-adjacent Seabase module to connect.
  • Reinforcements cannot be placed in an X Compartment due to the lack of side-panels.
  • The X Compartment can attach to other Seabase compartments via its four end-panels.
  • Smaller components and modules can be placed inside.


Titanium.pngTitanium.pngTitanium.pngArrow-right (1).pngHabitat Builder.pngArrow-right (1).pngX Compartment.png



This section contains bugs related to X Compartment (Subnautica). Make sure to only post reproducible bugs, and use appropriate system template ( XboxLogo.png, PlaystationLogo.png, WindowsLogo.png / AppleLogo.png ) depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.

  • WindowsLogo.png Upon deconstructing a X Compartment, the player will only receive two Titanium back, instead of the three it required. This is a carryover from previous recipe for the item, which was two Titanium.